Glow Tanning

When skin is healthy and supple, light reflects off the surface, enabling it to literally glow?

Here at Glow Tanning & Beauty we offer you the best tanning options to date in our Finchley based beauty salon. Whether you’re interested in sunbeds or spray tans, we make sure to provide the latest technology using the Ergoline Dynamic Power machines, as well as the best spray tan brands on the market.

We can proudly say that most of our customers have recommended us to their friends, which is why our Barnet client base is growing faster than ever.

Choose a vertical or horizontal Ergoline sunbed to achieve maximum results. Please note that all of our tanning machines have been upgraded to the latest 0.3 w/m^2 compliance tubes, to comply with new Safe Tanning regulations. A 0.3 session dramatically reduces the risk of burning, yet the tanning result will be a deeper, longer-lasting tan that is kinder to your skin.

No booking necessary. Simply pop in and in the comfort of our salon (and after an individual consultation) you will see immediate results as well as having an enjoyable experience in the safest tanning environment.

Tanning Salon Finchley
Ergoline Horizontal Bed/Vertical Lounge Pricing
Minutes Price Saving
1 min ?1
30 min ?27 ?3
60 min ?50 ?10
120 min ?95 ?25
In tanning teeth whitening ?30 (10 Session Pack)
Californian Tan Pricing
Full Body Spray Tan ?25.00
Half Body Spray Tan ?15.00

When it comes to spray tans, we have carefully selected the best brands so that you will get the desired results.

Opt for a Californian tan if you wish to get that golden tan, that exclusive glamorous look. The main pigment used here is orange in order to deliver that glow, a warm-golden finish. This scientifically formulated solution develops colour like never before by using a Natural Colourant Blend to develop bronze colour that flawlessly matches every skin tone. Ingredients such as Aloe vera will soothe and hydrate your skin resulting in longer lasting uniform colour. With fast developing natural and cosmetic bronzers, this spray tan will be ready to shower in only 3 hours. It comes in Light, Medium and Dark shades.

Californian Spray Tan
Californian and Moroccan Spray Tan comparison
Moroccan Spray Tan
Moroccan Tan Pricing
Full Body Spray Tan ?28.00
Half Body Spray Tan ?18.00


If you would like to get the ashy look, then we recommend you the Moroccan Tan. Because of its main pigment colour which is green, this spray tan will never leave a shade of orange tone and the tan will look more natural, a beautiful olive finish. Infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E, Moroccan Tan helps moisturise the skin, providing a deep bronze tan that leaves the skin soft and silky. Suitable for all skin types, the 2-hour quick-drying formula develops over time. Moroccan Tan is 98% natural, non-sticky, non-oily formula which absorbs deeply into your skin, making your tan last longer. Choose from Moroccan Original, ideal for a medium bronzed look, or Moroccan Coco which is perfect for those wanting to achieve the deepest, darkest, olive colour.

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