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Nourishing Facials

Facial Spa Finchley
Facial Description Mini Booster Full Facial Price
Pro-Colagen Age Defy  30 min – £40.00   60 min – £70.00

Clinically proven to reduce wrinkles by 97%.
Clinically proven to improve skin firmness by 93% just after one treatment.
Experience the age-defying benefits of marine-charged Padina Pavonica whilst targeted massage encourages optimum cellular function.
BENEFITS: Smoothes, Nourishes, Refines. 

Hydra – Facial 60 min – £70.00

The HydraFacial is said to help improve overall the texture of the skin, tone and appearance. It combines cleansing, exfoliating, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection that removes dead skin cells and impurities, while simultaneously delivering moisture serums into the skin.
BENEFITS: Cleanses and Hydrates. 

Derma – Peel  60 min – £80.00

Specially designed to work in conjunction with your skin’s unique structure, this pioneering precision layering protocol uses three layers of enzymes to nibble the dead skin away, revealing extraordinary results. This system delivers powerful exfoliation and renewal for smoother, younger looking skin, due to a chemical peel being applied. A new start for new skin that has never looked better!
BENEFITS: Renews, Provides adiance, Brightens. 

Dermalogica Pro 30  30 min – £30.00  

This is your lunchtime special, pefect for a quick fix face mapping. Double cleanses, exfoliates, mask, moisturise and you are ready to Go!
BENEFITS: Illuminates and gives a New/Fresh look. 

Anti-Blemish Mattify and Calm    30 min – £35.00   60 min – £60.00

A deeply cleansing revelation for oily, unsettled, congested or hormonal skin. Plants and ingredients have been carefully selected and put together to work in unison to regulate oil flow and calm the skinwhile intuitive massage helps restore micro-circulation and re-oxygenate, improving tone and texture. A deeply detoxifying treatment for lasting clear, bright skin.
BENEFITS: Deep Cleansing, Purifies, Balances, Calms the Skin. 


Discover the luxurious ELEMIS facials, Dermalogica facials in our comfortable beauty room. We offer a wide range of facials which meet various skin concerns.

Here at Glow Tanning & Beauty you can experience the wonders of pro-collagen anti-ageing facials, or the benefits of an energising and detoxifying facial when your skin feels tired and dull; or a Microdermabrasion facial which targets skin pigmentation and illuminates the complexion of the skin, or an anti-blemish facial for a more congested, oily skin. Here you can find facials in Finchley for your various concerns.