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NAIL BAhaR in Finchley

Nail Salon Finchley, N3 2PA


Manicure Min Price
File & Polish 20min £12
Full Mani (Normal colour) 60min £20
Quick File & Shellac/Gel 20min £22
Full Manicure (Shellac/Gel) 50min £30
Full French Mani (Shellac/Gel) 60min £36
Full Set Acrylic (normal polish)

80min £28
Full Set Acrylic (shellac)

80min £33
Full Set Acrylic (with French)

85min £39
Acrylic Infills (normal polish)

60min £23
Acrylic Infills (shellac)

65min £28
Acrylic Infills (with French)

85min £34
BIAB Gel (infill)

90min £33
BIAB Gel (full set)

100min £38
BIAB Gel (with shellac)

110min £45
Gel powder Full Set (normal polish)

80min £33
Gel powder Full Set (shellac)

80min £38
Gel powder Full Set (with French)

85min £44
Gel powder Infill (normal polish)

80min £28
Gel powder Infill (shellac)

80min £32
Gel powder Full Set (with French)

85min £38
Men Manicure 30min £15
Kids Manicure 30min £9
Pedicure Min Price
File & Polish 20min £14
Full Pedi (Normal colour) 60min £30
Shellac/Gel on Feet 30min £24
Full Pedi (Shellac/Gel) 60min £40
Full French Pedi (Shellac/Gel) £46
Men Pedicure 60min £18
Shellac Removal £8
Nail Art from £2
Nail Repair £1/each
Nail Strengthener £5


About our nail treatments

Whether it’s a quick file and polish only, or a full manicure/pedicure including soaking & cuticles removal, exfoliating and massaging, your nail treatment will be delivered with care and passion. We also specialise in nail extensions, acrylics, gel powder and Biab gel in Finchley both full set o infills. At our nail salon in Finchley, we use the best brands available for the best shine and long-lasting nail look. We offer beautiful nail art and nail design, a full range of manicure and pedicure available in North London, Finchley. Call us now 0208 343 0110 to book!