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Areola & Nipple Reconstruction

Areola & Nipple Reconstruction Finchley, N3 2PA
Breast Cancer Hero Time Price
Single Side 1.5 hours £70
Both Sides 2.5 hours £100
Aesthetic Diva Time Price
Single Side 1.5 hours £250
Both Sides 2.5 hours £400


About Areola and Nipple Reconstruction

This is an advanced medical treatment which is performed by a highly trained aesthetician for those who have undergone surgical procedures such as mastectomy, breast augmentation or simply have faded or irregular areolas.

After drawing the outline of the areola and consulting with the patient about the size, shape, symmetry, colour tone, the specialist will add all-natural pigments into the skin by using a medical-grade cosmetic tattoo machine which penetrates slightly deeper to be able to work through stubborn scar tissue.

Quality numbing products are used for the client’s comfort and best desired results. A 3-D areola and nipple restoration offers a very realistic and non-invasive alternative, helping those affected to regain their confidence.

As a gesture of support and encouragement, we feel humbled to offer a significant discount to all breast cancer survivors, only charging a small fee in order to cover the costs of materials.